Managing Partners

Managing Partners


  • Robyn Smith, Program Officer, Community Engagement- CNY Community Foundation
  • Michelle Ryan, Oneida Public Library Director
  • Julie Dudrick, Colgate University–Upstate Institute Project Director
  • Eric Faisst, Madison County Public Health Director
  • Chuck Fox,  Community Bikes Coordinator
  • Carolyn Gerakopoulos, Former Oneida Public Library Director
  • Betsy Kennedy, Cazenovia Public Library Director
  • Mary Margaret Zehr, Oneida City School District Superintendent
  • Bonnie Slocum, executive director of the Rural Health Council
  • Toni Noma, CAP Child Development Division Director
  • Maribel Arce, CAP Community Services Director


A role of the Managing Partners is to inspire the community to take action. The Managing Partners have the civic influence and the power to make change. They have a vision for how change will happen and can capitalize on local strengths and existing partnerships. A Managing Partner brings:

High-level strategic vision

Networks of influence

Community respect

Ability to broker partnerships

Regional leadership

Resource impact



Commitment of time to attend regularly scheduled meetings.

Participation in meetings.

Demonstration of ownership of the literacy plan by signing the MOU Memorandum of Understanding of Support

Diversity of Representation:

The Managing Partners agree to strive for inclusive representation of the county. This goal includes diversity in partnership roles, geography, gender, age, race, etc. that is reflective of the county as a whole. Efforts will be made to ensure sector representation as vacancies on the Managing Partners occur.
The Managing Partners will strive to include all coalition partner types such as government, education, business, community-based literacy providers, social services, faith-based, civic organizations, adult learners, and other coalitions.
Election procedures: The Managing Partners Executive Governance Team shall be responsible for nominate prospective Managing Partners rep­resenting the Coalition’s diverse constituency. In addition, any Managing Partner of the LCMC NY can nominate a candidate.
Managing Partners will be elected by a simple majority of Managing Partners present at the annual meeting in August

Frequency of Meetings:

Every other month there will be a meeting of ALL the Managing Partners.

Every other month–on the months that the full Managing Partners DO NOT meet, the Executive Governance Committee will meet.

The Executive Governance Committee consists of (1) the Fiscal Sponsor, (2) the chief Funder(s), (3) the Managing Partners Chair, and (4) the Executive Director (ex officio).

The annual organizational meeting will be held in August each year. The organization’s fiscal year will be  July 1 to June 30.

Length of Term:

Managing Partners will commit to 1-year terms.

Managing Partners may renew annually upon a majority vote by the Managing Partners. MPs can serve consecutive terms. There are no term limits.


The Managing Partners will strive to maintain a committee size of 9 to 15 partners. The Committee Chair can name interim committee members to fill vacant seats, as needed, until full committee vote at the annual organizational meeting.


A majority is required to approve an action of the committee. Majority is defined as more than fifty percent of current board members registering a vote. Members do not need to be present to vote. Votes may be submitted by phone or electronically to the Board Chair or designated party.


There shall be four officers of the Managing Partners:


Vice Chair




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