Tutor Volunteers

Tutor Volunteers


Bring the Light of Literacy

Into Someone’s Life

Start Helping Now

Contact Program Director

Tara Truett at ttruett@midyork.org or call (315) 345-1468

Join us and change YOUR LIFE as well as that of an interested adult learner.

If you volunteer, you will receive free training, materials and continuing mentoring.

All that is required is that you’re 18+,  have common sense and an altruistic heart.


  • Imparting the gift of fundamental skills in reading & math.
  • Meaningful community service
  • Minimal time commitment
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Supporting learners’ career goals
  • Developing personal relationships

MCRA is a well established program begun in 2000. I is the only free one-on-one adult education program in the county. The PROGRAM DIRECTOR facilitates training and organization for the LOCAL COORDINATORS at EACH PUBLIC LIBRARY. The library’s LOCAL COORDINATOR matches the client with the VOLUNTEER TUTOR.

All libraries support their coordinators and supply tutoring areas.

If you want to dip your toes in, call Tara and chat at  ttruett@midyork.org or call (315) 345-1468.

Here are some pictures of graduations, tutoring sessions and  volunteer tutor training sessions .

DSCF0670DSCF0440Tutoring Esther cindy and CarlaTutoring Becky and Julie (2)Tutoring  Cindy Tran with tutorsP1010286imagesP1010825

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